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From young high-earners to long-established family offices, we work hard to understand our clients' goals and, drawing upon years of experience as trusted advisors to a multitude of families, deliver tailored solutions to preserve our clients' wealth and prepare them and their families for what the future may hold.
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Powerful digital accounts for high-value payment processing & escrow management.

We provide payment accounts for high-value and complex payment arrangements, including those for construction contracts, estate & property management, charter APA's and aviation management.
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What is a Virtual Family Office?

Virtual Family Offices operate, in all relevant regards, in exactly the same way as dedicated single family offices, save that the staff and directors of a virtual family office are not directly employed by the wealth holders.

The principal benefit to those who don't require a full suite of dedicated professionals working full time only on their affairs is that the overheads are considerably lower.

Of significant supplementary benefit is the fact that virtual family offices, by virtue of their dealings with many and varied other family office environment, are able to apply the lessons learned from other families and wealth-holders in similar or equivalent situations, delivering immediate value at a considerably more attractive price point.

Digitisation, Young Wealth & Succession Planning

As the average age of significant wealth holders declines at an unprecedented rate, the pressures on the family office environment to provide transparency, accountability, traceability and timely reporting abound.

Where, a few decades ago, paper-based systems sufficed, today's wealth-holders are technologically sophisticated and, we believe, truly deserve live access to all of their own data and information. Where, originally, family office structures facilitated this, increasingly the family office itself serves as an inadvertent barrier to the adoption of time-saving and transparency-promoting technology.

We work with family offices and wealth-holders who are embracing the digital revolution to provide systems and support for the digitisation of their affairs, from simple things like mobile phone apps to track the contents of wine cellars, to much more complex financial reporting dashboards, automated paperwork processes, and the use of machine learning and facial recognition to ensure their security.

We typically cater to those with net assets valued in the £20m-£500m range. If you would like to receive more information on our services or to seek our advice on your own outsourced legal, family office or consultancy requirements, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

If you require further information on our payment (including PayMaster) accounts, please see our dedicated dospay information here.

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