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Digital Transformation

Automation and digitisation of business processes
Accounting & Book-Keeping
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We specialise in book-keeping for family offices, estates, luxury assets (including aircraft and superyachts) and construction projects.

We also work with other businesses who service similar clients to supplement or replace their in-house book-keeping services.
Digital Counsel
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Using our Digital Counsel platform, we build bullet-proof templates to allow non-legal staff to produce word-perfect legal documents and contracts by completing simple forms.

This is suitable for any standard-form contracting process (including framework agreements, construction contracts, NDA's, employment contracts and more).
Digital Dashboarding
Through our bespoke digital dashboarding service, we help family offices and entrepreneurs to leverage the power of their data to provide live, real-time reports.

These are suitable for almost anything, from investments to sales and profitability, to return on digital marketing spend, cost-per-flying-hour, and even cash-flow run-rates on luxury assets.
Business Process Management
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We consult on Business Process Management (BPM) for family offices, entrepreneurs and partner businesses, automating accounts payable/receivable flows, internal reporting, approvals and routine workflows.

We build or use bespoke API's to support our clients' every requirement when it comes to leveraging digital services to replace routine operations.
Digital Family Office
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Our Digital Family Office is our flagship digital transformation product, tying together all of the discrete elements of our family office clients' digital affairs, from accounting and book-keeping to collection management, document control, reporting and planning.

Each instance is built and configured from scratch, by design, to provide the perfect balance of usability, security and ease of use.
WealthTech API's
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We offer a series of in-house REST API's specifically for WealthTech applications, including our cur&ted luxury newsfeed, PASPRT and Conciergely integrations, and specialist API's for private aviation, superyacht and estate management.

If you require a bespoke API to serve your WealthTech application or platform with data, please get in touch.
We are well-versed in all major accounting, BPM, CRM and ERP solutions, and have also built out several bespoke back-end platforms (including our own in-house client-management one) for family offices, entrepreneurs and their businesses.
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