Concierge, Lifestyle & Bespoke Travel

We offer a range of luxury lifestyle management services tailored to your needs, handling everything from logistics to travel requirements.

We assist in the planning of special holidays and celebrations, rental of properties, charter of aircraft and yachts and exotic/luxury car hire to ensure that your precious family time is hassle- and worry-free.

Working seamlessly with your internal household staff and yacht/air crew, our London-based lifestyle management team coordinate calendars, provisions, packing and special requests.

At home, our lifestyle management services take shape in the cataloguing, insurance and timely appraisals and valuations of all elements of your collections in a discreet and confidential fashion, so that you can simply enjoy the fruits of your labours and rest easy knowing that all are well cared-for, itemised and insured.

Our lifestyle management team maintains an unrivalled network of household and family office staff who are available for short-term relief postings, longer-term projects or even full-time employment to suit your particular requirements. In addition to the recruitment of staff, we can also assist you in setting the highest of standards for your domestic and executive staff through ongoing training, appraisals and reviews.

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Lifestyle Philanthropy

DOS & Co. is proud to be supporting the launch of the Philanthropy 5 Lifestyle Philanthropy programme. We are providing strategic, legal and financial support to this exciting initiative.

The programme leverages the power of technology to support ongoing philanthropic giving by our clients, colleagues and contacts.

The premise is simple:  Simply round up your transactions and donate them to your chosen causes.

Eat. Drink. Shop. Travel.

Round your transaction to the nearest pound.  
Multiply by 5.

Choose your causes.

Apportion your 5 tokens between your chosen causes; change them freely.

Paid to general purpose funds.

Your day-to-day spending supports the causes' day-to-day spending.

Social: Capital.

Be recognised for the difference you make through giving.

The real Black Card.

Coming soon...


The & Philosophy

Execution is everything.
We act as your single point of warranty and contact; your people on the ground; your trusted advisors; and your go-to for getting things done.

We wear our '&' with pride. It is everything we stand for.  We deliver your every requirement, on time, on budget, and always aiming to exceed your expectations.

Contact us to find out how we can add some & to your world.