Private Trustee / Fiduciary Services

Family Trust & Nominated Shareholder Services

Working with entrepreneurs, sportspeople and those in the entertainment sector, we have experience in establishing, administering and operating trusts and philanthropic vehicles in a modern, professional and meticulous manner.

Family Trustee Services

We are able to act either as a company trustee or nominate a director to act as a personal trustee for our longstanding clients’ family trusts, and charities/foundations which they establish to further their philanthropic aspirations.

Nominated Shareholder Services

We act as nominee shareholders to help consolidate clients’ broad direct investment holdings and ensure that their interests as shareholders are properly represented, analysing the performance of their investments and holding boards to account and best-practice governance standards.

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Family Office
Further Services

Lifestyle Philanthropy

DOS & Co. is proud to be supporting the launch of the Philanthropy 5 Lifestyle Philanthropy programme. We are providing strategic, legal and financial support to this exciting initiative.

The programme leverages the power of technology to support ongoing philanthropic giving by our clients, colleagues and contacts.

The premise is simple:  Simply round up your transactions and donate them to your chosen causes.

Eat. Drink. Shop. Travel.

Round your transaction to the nearest pound.  
Multiply by 5.

Choose your causes.

Apportion your 5 tokens between your chosen causes; change them freely.

Paid to general purpose funds.

Your day-to-day spending supports the causes' day-to-day spending.

Social: Capital.

Be recognised for the difference you make through giving.

The real Black Card.

Coming soon...


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