Succession Planning

Supporting you through the planning and organisation of your succession.

Operating as Virtual Family Office, we have experience in working with many different types of families and cultures, to assist in your family wealth succession planning needs.

All of the families we work with share the unifying characteristics of significant wealth, substantial assets and/or complicated commercial/corporate affairs.

We are able to bring this experience to bear and offer anonymised, but real-life, case studies from other families to serve as inspiration, reference or ‘lessons learned’ for your wealth succession planning needs.

Structuring, Planning & Educating

Whether your wealth has been developed over generations, or you are self-made and have created your legacy in a single generation, you will wish to ensure that your assets are protected and your legacy endures to support your family and subsequent generations.

We assist in the development of suitable structures for the passing of wealth, significant assets, businesses and intellectual property catalogues in tax-efficient and secure vehicles.  For us, however, the most important element of any succession-planning initiative is in preparing the next generation for the responsibilities and wider considerations of significant wealth.

We work with families to establish workable and practical governance solutions, tailored within reasonable bounds to the expectations of both the senior and the junior actors, and ensuring their financial and commercial literacy supplemented, where appropriate, with bespoke training or academic courses.

Changes in Family Circumstances

While proactive planning and structuring for changes in family circumstances will help families who are coping with recent changes, a long-term partnership with our family office team can assist with ‘passing the baton’ to the next generation, providing consistency and familiarity at a time of change.

We work with spouses, children and wider families to ensure that the family’s ongoing commercial, legal and reputation-based affairs remain well-managed and that all of the family’s ongoing commitments and obligations are adhered-to during these times of change, so that your family can concentrate on being together and adjusting to the changes.

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Lifestyle Philanthropy

DOS & Co. is proud to be supporting the launch of the Philanthropy 5 Lifestyle Philanthropy programme. We are providing strategic, legal and financial support to this exciting initiative.

The programme leverages the power of technology to support ongoing philanthropic giving by our clients, colleagues and contacts.

The premise is simple:  Simply round up your transactions and donate them to your chosen causes.

Eat. Drink. Shop. Travel.

Round your transaction to the nearest pound.  
Multiply by 5.

Choose your causes.

Apportion your 5 tokens between your chosen causes; change them freely.

Paid to general purpose funds.

Your day-to-day spending supports the causes' day-to-day spending.

Social: Capital.

Be recognised for the difference you make through giving.

The real Black Card.

Coming soon...


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