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PRIME Principles for environmentally-sustainable and responsible business
We are a founding member of PRIME; the organisation dedicated to promoting environmentally-sustainable and responsible business. Through the publishing and development of the PRIME Principles, we are working to ensure that tomorrow's entrepreneurs and family offices are able to live, work and thrive in a sustainable and responsible fashion.

We embrace the six PRIME Principles in everything that we do as an organisation and, wherever possible, in everything we do in our clients' names or on their behalves.
Being Environmentally Better
Responsible Consumption
Only buying what your organisation actually needs; opting for reduced packaging and eliminating wastage.
Waste Reduction / Recycling
Reducing waste sent to landfill, reusing and recycling materials and packaging wherever possible.
Embracing Sustainable Innovation
Sustainable Sourcing
Choosing what you buy, and where you buy it from; preferring sustainable alternatives (like renewable energy) and locally-sourced produce.
Welcoming Change
Recognising that the 'old ways' aren't always the best and striving to embrace modern and efficient ways and means.
Spreading the Word
Promoting Change
Both inside your organisation, and beyond. Recognising that, together, we can all achieve so much more.
Working Together
Creating a culture of sustainable practice within your organisation and sharing best practices and collaborating outside of it.
Delivering Impact
Leading by Example
By this, we mean 'walking the walk'. Looking beyond your organisation, leading from the front and celebrating others' successes.
Striving for Better
Looking beyond your immediate intents and results to effect a sustainable and longer-term impact through your organisation.
Making a Difference
Championing & Valuing Diversity
Building a culture of equal treatment, diverse and varied perspectives and, most importantly, equal opportunity for all within your organisation and your sector.
Supporting Charities & Local Communities
Delivering a local impact through your organisation's initiatives, donations and operations.
Acting Ethically and with Integrity
Competing fairly, marketing honestly and paying your supply chain promptly. We can all make a bigger difference from a level playing field.
Being Accountable
Transparency & Publishing Performance
Engaging with the PRIME Principles and sharing the details of your PRIME journey to help inspire others and demonstrate your ongoing commitment.
Learning & Asking for Help
The PRIME Principles don't provide a 'set-and-forget' solution for sustainable and responsible business. Learn from your mistakes, and don't be too proud to ask for help.
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