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Payments & Escrow

Trusted High-Value Payment Services
Private Client Payment Services
From supplementing (or even replacing) your family office payment resource, to managing the safeguarding or trustworthy exchange of funds for high-value or luxury transactions, our specialist payment accounts are designed to facilitate fair and swift payment in high-value transactions.

Modelled on the bespoke nature of the private banking of yesteryear, but built from the ground up on a digital technology stack, our payment solutions offer white-glove service with meticulous security, audit and approval trails.
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Our Private Client Payment Accounts include:
PayMaster Household Accounts
One PayMaster for all of your estate, household, yacht and aircraft bills.
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High-Value Escrow Accounts
Specialist escrow accounts for high-value property, aircraft and yacht transactions.
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Construction Payment Services
We support fair and prompt payment in construction contracts through our range of Trust accounts.  From escrow accounts that support offshore Employers in providing comfort to their Contractors, to Project Payment Accounts designed to shorten the time-to-payment of all those in the supply chain whilst increasing the levels of transparency and trust in the system, we are the only firm to our knowledge in the UK offering these specialist products.
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Our Prime Residential Construction Accounts include:
Construction Escrow Accounts
The client/developer deposits an escrow sum with us, and each month we pay the Contractor against the payment certificate.
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Project Payment Accounts
We handle all of the payments for the client/developer, paying the Contractor directly, and each of the Sub-Contractors directly at the same time.
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Retentions Trust Accounts
Each month, the client/developer pays the Contractor directly for their work done, and pays the retained amounts into the Retentions Trust Account.
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FF&E Procurement Trusts
The client/developer pays their FF&E budget into our Trust Account, and we pay each of the FF&E suppliers against approvals from the Designer and the client/developer
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Payments for Entrepreneurs and Businesses
Our payments platform also includes a card payments gateway specifically designed for the needs of high-value payments, for the likes of private aviation, luxury travel, yacht charter and other white-glove services. In addition to our wider payment services, we can support recurring subscriptions, one-off transactions and offering contactless in-the-field payments for your crew and staff.
Our specialist payment services for entrepreneurs and businesses include:
Recurring Credit Card Subscriptions
Set up ongoing weekly, monthly or annual payments for your memberships, goods or services.
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Aircraft Charter Fees and Extras
Accept credit card payments for charter, extras and concierge services.
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Luxury Travel, Chalets & Villas
Take payment for luxury holidays, damage deposits and in-resort extras.
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White-Label Jet Cards for Operators
We operate white-label turn-key jet card and payment account services.
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Third-Party Managed Accounts (TPMA's)
We can hold your clients' funds on your behalf, adopting the regulatory, accounting and operational burdens of doing so.
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dospay is a trading name of DOS & Co. Ltd., itself being registered with the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Services Regulations 2017 (FRN: 833374)or the provision of payment services.